Gear up for the future

The present provides us with a window to peek into the future — faster connectivity (5G, Wi-Fi 6), edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), smart buildings, intelligent self-driving cars, robotic process automation (RPA), and more technological innovations ahead. With the recent trends in technology, it will only go high-tech from here onward. We envision ISMS Robotics Academy as a provider, supplying schools with learning tools that prepare the young to be creators and innovators.

In partnership with Artec, a Japanese company that specializes in producing robot devices and learning materials, ISMS engages the country’s private schools to develop the skills of young learners in AI programming, machine learning, and robotics. The program includes programmable robot kits and a curriculum that can be integrated into the school’s Basic Education (K-12) and Tech-Voc (technical/vocational) programs.

Don’t remain one of the users of advanced technologies. Be a driver of change. Immerse into new developments and benefit from society’s digital transformation. Let’s equip the next generation of Filipinos with the foundational tools that enable them to embrace the challenges of the digital age.

Prepare the next generation for a high-tech future. That’s the mission of ISMS Robotics Academy.

Robotics & AI Curriculum

We offer robotics for education to learners, both young and old. The program includes understanding how machines work, principles of robotics, basic coding, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) programming.

We design our curriculum for Basic Education (K-12):

  • Preschool to Kindergarten (Ages 4-6)
  • Grade 1 to Grade 3 (Ages 7-9)
  • Grade 4 to Grade 6 (Ages 10-12)
  • Grade 7 to Grade 9 (Ages 13-15)
  • Grade 10 to Grade 12 (Ages 16-18)
  • Advanced Robotics & AI Programming for Working Professionals

Equip your children with skills that prepare them for a future highly interconnected by the internet and artificial intelligence. Let them undergo the necessary knowledge development to take control of their destiny by creating and programming machines to benefit humanity.

Program Package

  • Robotics curriculum: basic, intermediate, and advanced lessons on artificial intelligence programming and robotics for everyday life.
  • Content: age-appropriate and by-level curriculum, teacher’s manuals, and mastery courses.
  • Hardware with built-in connectors for motors, sensors, and LEDs.
  • Programming environments by level, i.e. Icon, Block, Arduino IDE, Studuino, and Artec Device Programming for Chromebook. Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS operating systems.
  • A range of devices with robot blocks, covering from basic to advanced levels.


  • Stir students’ curiosity to pursue a career in technology development.
  • Let the next generation master the skills necessary for the age of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Ready-made curriculum for Basic Education, Tech-Voc, and even at the tertiary level.
  • Enhance the school’s brand and image in the community as one of the schools to include robotics in their offerings.
  • Increase enrollment with Japanese robotics technology as a powerful marketing tool at the school’s disposal.
  • Add a new source of revenue for the school. Justify the increase in school fees with ISMS technology upgrade.
  • Be a catalyst in social transformation through advanced technology education.



P-K: Early Years Robotics & Programming

Providing young learners with the foundation of how machines work, this 2-year program is designed for preschoolers and kindergarten, ages 4 to 6. It lets children explore through puzzles, games, trial and error, and basic programming.


G1-G3: Primary Education Robotics w/ AI

An introduction to robotics and programming for young learners ages 7 to 9. Students learn the principles of machines, motors, and their mechanisms, such as linkages and gears, and connect real-life examples with robotics and AI technologies.


G4-G6: Intermediate Programming Mastery

A comprehensive 3-year curriculum designed for young learners ages 10 to 12. Students solidify their learning and mastery of the basics of robotics and its relevance to the real world. It enables them to understand the applications of coding in everyday life.


G7-G9: Robotics, Security & AI Coding

Junior High School students, ages 13 to 15 learn the foundations of advanced technologies, including Python syntax, object-oriented programming, network technologies, database technologies, and information security technologies.


G10-G12: Automation & AI Programming

Advanced AI programming for robotics for Senior High School students, including hands-on coding, trial-and-errors, and exposure to process automation. It improves their skills with Studuino and Mu Editor for special projects.


Robotics for working professionals

Introduces adult learners to the basics and advanced principles of robotics and AI programming. The course is designed for working professionals who want to learn new things. No background in robotics and programming is required.

ISMS Philippines

ISMS Philippines is a software technology and innovation company with Integrated School Management System (ISMS) in various iterations, including ISMS D23 Manila as its flagship product, ROSE Online Registration, and LEARN Learning Management System. More product lines on the roadmap to follow: medical & dental management system (MeD-MS) and barangay information system (BarIS).

A group of friends has been in software development for years, building systems for schools, cooperatives, and private and government offices. Finally, we formed and registered our company in 2018 to focus on improving the country’s private schools. Our commitment is to become the benchmark of school management technology, robotics for education, and support services.

ISMS Robotics Academy

With the recent trends in technology, it will only go high-tech from here onward. We envision ISMS Robotics Academy not only as a technology provider, supplying schools with learning tools, but also as a space of learning for the young to be creators and innovators.

Our Team

The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. Meet our team!

Marlon D. Magapan

Chief Technology Officer

He’s an IT enthusiast who ventured into the programming world after a short stint in the publishing industry as a sales agent managing numerous accounts. With a computer science degree, he established the foundation of the D23 Manila School Management System and founded MDM Technologies.

Kelvene Requiroso

National Sales Manager

Having a wide range of interests backed by years of experience, he has taught both on campus and online, immersed himself in advocacy and development work, and published numerous reviews and analyses of the latest technologies. He leads the digital groundwork of ISMS’s marketing and sales.