ISMS Robotics welcomes ESPG-IFI

The opportunity to learn robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and programming has come to the province of Romblon.

On March 26, 2024, the Epiphany School of Peace and Goodwill (ESPG-IFI) in Odiongan, Romblon, signed a contract with MDM Technologies for its robotics for education program.

ESPG-IFI is an Iglesia Filipina Independiente educational institution led by its energetic school director, the Rev. Jose ‘Joe’ Falogme.

Rev. Falogme wrote on his social media, “The purpose of this new program is to make our learners more ready in college and in the world of work where technology is the prime mover. (The students) will be taught and guided to explore the application of robotics and the challenges that arise from its application.”

In response, Mr. Marlon Magapan, the chief technology officer of MDM Technologies, thanked ESPG-IFI “for allowing us to share with you the noble task of providing quality robotics for education program… ISMS Robotics is now a part of your technological advancement and journey towards a brighter and better future.”

As the world increasingly gears toward technology and innovation, ESPG-IFI students will have the chance to explore robotics, programming, AI, and cybersecurity.

“Educational robotics is an innovative and useful tool. It positively affects critical thinking, computational thinking, problem-solving, algorithmic thinking, creativity, and collaboration,” Rev. Falogme added.

ISMS Robotics for Education Program is designed to prepare young Filipino learners to face the technological challenges ahead.